Try on information

Try ons are by appointment only & can be booked via our website.

When booking you will book in for a half an hour slot so please book a back-to-back time if you think you'll need longer. Days/times change weekly. 

You are welcome to come as a group/bring as many people as you'd like.

Please come with NO make up on and NO fresh tan- this will mark our garments and you will be charged cleaning costs if this happens.

We are located at 4 Teme Way, Island Bay, Wellington. This is down a small side street so please park at the top and walk down. 

We book up very fast and have very limited times so please get in quick! 

When booking please specify if you're looking for a garment for that weekend as these try ons take priority.

Please understand that we cannot guarantee that what you want to try on will be here- getting our rentals out on time always takes priority.