What date do I select?

Select the date you are wearing the garment. This effects when the garment will arrive to you and when we expect the garment to be returned it us.

Do I need to wash my rental?

We take care of all the washing. Please do not attempt to wash the garment yourself. Our garments are very delicate and require specific care around washing.

What happens if I ruin a dress?

You will be liable to pay for the cost of repairs or a replacement garment. Please notify us as soon as possible if there is damage to the dress as this effects all upcoming rentals.

Can I try on?

We offer try ons for Wellington based girls! Message us through our instagram (@therevolvingwardrobe) to book! Please note we do not hold garments so you can try them on first. We work on a first in first served basis.

Do you offer postal try ons?

Unfortunately we do not offer postal try ons. 

What if my rental doesn't fit or I don't end up wearing it?

We do not offer refunds if it doesn't fit/you don't end up wearing it. Unfortunately this is a risk you take with renting. We can offer further measurements and photos to help you gage whether or not you feel the dress will fit you. Simply message us on our instagram (@therevolvingwardrobe) for further sizing questions.

Can I take my rental overseas?

Yes! We have an extra fee which all depends on how long you'll be away for. Please send us a message on our instagram (@therevolvingwardrobe) and we can sort this out for you.